Photography Portfolio

Photography Portfolio

Studiochis collections of Amazing Photographs

Welcome to my Main Photography Portfolio Page. I hope that you will find our photography work appealing and matching your taste.

Our services are available for all Southern Ontario. Most serviced cities are:


Above all Wedding, Maternity & Newborn Photography are my specialty, therefore, I invite you to view the dedicated photography portfolio pages for each category.

Wedding Photography Portfolio

Studiochris Capture the Moments!

I love shooting Weddings simply because I love being a part of something special, unique. I love capturing the smiles & laughs, the tears of joy, the married couple first kiss & all the happiness of the Wedding Day. Most Importantly, I love to hear the Bride say: “I love them” while looking at her pictures for the first time.

Studiochris Wedding Photography Gallery

Please take a moment and see A very unique Photography Style.

Wedding Photo Gallery

Maternity Photography Portfolio

Studiochris Mastering the Light and Posing

Tell the story of you and your soon-to-be-born baby by letting Studiochris capture your beautiful pregnancy experience. I help you preserve this moment in time and give you the opportunity to go back to it again and again. Enjoy the pregnancy photo gallery, a wonderful collection of artwork images.

Studiochris Maternity Photography Gallery

Please take a moments and see our timeless images. Most importantly you can see my photography style, the maternity gowns I provide for the photo session and the dedicated backgrounds that I use for the indoor sessions.

Maternity Photo Gallery

Newborn Photography is my #1 specialty. I love to capture the beauty of the newborns as well as the magic bond between a newborn baby and his parents. These beautiful portraits are taken in the early days of your newborn. The best time would be within 5 up to 12 days.


Studiochris your dedicated Photographer

Above all thank you for stopping by. Most Importantly if you like my Photography work, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you.

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