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12 Apr 2019
newbrn photography

Creativity is the Key

Creativity is the key   For me, Chris, creativity is the main key to generate fresh ideas and turn them into amazing images. It is my focus. Ignited by curiosity the creative processes can be a little wild. I see it as an invitation to review the past in black and white photography before creating a new image according to the latest trends. With every picture I will always feel like I’m at the beginning simply because I’m continuing learning […]

08 Oct 2017

My treasured Wedding Photo

Every photographer has a story behind his first click on the camera’s shutter. How he started, how he felt in love with photography. Funny or interesting these stories share a lot of similarities. Mine is not different. I will share with you a piece of my story, the photo that catch my eye since childhood. It’s very dear to me and because of it, I love Wedding Photography . Here is my Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather wedding picture. Next to it […]